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Surfcasting Around the Block II

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New book by Dennis Zambrotta: Surfcasting Around the Block II

Section I Block Island:  This section is a collaboration of works from friends about many different aspects of Block Island fishing. What you will read are different perspectives, techniques, methods, and viewpoints. From classic surfcasting writings from the late Tim Coleman; to fly fishing from Steve Culton; bait fishing by Mike Conley and Brian Ernest; harrowing stories of close calls by Peter Lajoie and Paul Iemma; surfcasting tactics and observations by Steve Campo, Gary Soldati, Steve Mckenna, and Pat Abate; kayak fishing by Steve Winters; Block Island Geology by Bryan Oakley, a humorous look at the history of the color pink by Ed Babinski, and freshwater fishing by yours truly.

Section II Aquidneck Island: This section includes new and previously published chapters about my hometown, Newport, Rhode Island. It includes some local surfcasting history and locations, stories about special friends and times, and more.

Section III Surfcasting tactics and methods: This section includes much of my previously published articles over the past 40 years.      

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