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Ordering Information

There are several ways to order books through Island Bound Bookstore.

  1. You can call the store directly to order books. Our phone number is 401-466-8878. If you call after business hours our answering machine will give you our store hours. We have limited hours during the winter. Sometimes the books that you want are out of stock, we want you to know that right away. Also we have found that customers have additional questions. Please have your credit card available when giving your shipping information. We take Visa, and Mastercard. There will be no tax added for out of state transactions. Rhode Island sales tax is 7%. We send our books by the United States Mail Service and we mail first class. Our shipping charges are generally $7.95 per package. However, when mailing multiple books that get heavy that price will change. The same holds for very light packages.
  2. You can order books through our website and pick them up in the store. First, please be aware that, while we have a lot of books on the shelf, and while you are able to choose any book in our vast database of titles to be picked up in the store, we simply do not have 2.5 million titles here in our store. So, if you choose a particular title to be picked up by you in the store, please do not come immediately to the store after placing your order. We will have to look at the order, and let you know if it can be filled right away. We will call or email you immediately as soon as your order is ready.
  3. You can order books through our website and have them shipped directly to you. Of course, like other online retailers, we offer you the ability to place orders for books online, enter a credit card, and arrange to have those books shipped to you or someone else. However, not all 2.5 million titles in the database are readily available to be shipped. If you are placing an order to be shipped, please keep the following in mind: Unless a book is listed as "Usually ships in 1-5 days", your order will likely be delayed. A book that is listed as "Special Order", "Coming Soon", "Not Yet Published", or "Out of Print" is one that is not currently available from the distributor that we use most often to obtain books. This means that in order to fill such an order, we will need to look into other distributors, or to the publishers themselves. The more places we have to look for the titles, the more the order will be delayed. And some of these books, while listed in the database, are simply not available anywhere. Please be prepared for the possibility that all or part of your order cannot be filled.