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Block Island Turkey and Toby Roe?  Growing Up on Block Island in the 40’s and 50’s
Written by:  Everett R. Littlefield, Sr.

This book has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait. Everett’s book is a terrific snapshot into his early years. You will be transported to a bygone time. Everett was a child who grew up in a hardworking Block Island family, he knew everyone on the island. The book is comprised of story after story involving all things Block Island.

Publication date: 2014
Pages: 207
Price: $19.95


Sheds: I Shed Therefore I Am
Written by: J.V. Houlihan, Jr.

Joe Houlihan, of Interstate Navigation has done it again! SHEDS is a book about finding that place where your dreams and aspirations can soar. Everyone has a shed! Great stories about fellow Block Islanders.

Publication date: 2014
Pages: 85

SKU: 9780977363919

More Ghosts of Block Island
Written by: Fran Migliaccio 

Fran Migliaccio does it again! Her first book Ghosts of Block Island, was so popular that her public demanded that she write another. More and more people approached Fran with their own ghost stories. This volume offers all new, even scarier stories. 

Signed copies available. 

Publication date: 2006 

Pages: 132  


The Monkey’s Fist 

Written by: J.V. Houlihan, Jr.  

Joe Houlihan has been working for Interstate Navigation for 30 plus years. Most people know him from the parking lot, when bringing your car to Block Island. Joe has written a short book filled with short stories about the Block Island Ferry. This book is filled with old and new faces of Block Island and the docks. 

Signed copies available.
Publication date: 2009 

Pages: 86

Rhode Island 101: Everything You Wanted to Know about Rhode Island and Were Going to Ask Anyway Cover Image
This book is not available from our store.
ISBN: 9780981094106
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Macintyrepurcell Publishing, Inc - March 1st, 2010

Rhode Island 101
Written by: Tim Lehnert

This is a fun book filled with Rhode Island trivia, including Block Island. It’s a great little book! You can pick it up and turn to any page and learn a little something new about Little Rhody. It includes facts about mansions, mobsters, hurricanes, beaches, quahogs and John Ghiorse just to name a few.

Publication date: 2009
Pages: 248


Birds of Block Island Coloring Book
By: Jameson Padien and Ailyn Barillas

This coloring book was written by two Block Island school students. It focuses on 12 local birds. It includes field information such as; habitats, diet, calls, and fun facts. All proceeds go to the Block Island Nature Conservancy.

Published: 2016
Pages: 20
Price: $20.00