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2 Doors Down (Paperback)

2 Doors Down By Tj Lee Cover Image
By Tj Lee
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If anything bad is going to happen, it will inevitably happen to me. If any good man, or man in general really, comes into my life, they will inevitably leave. At least one of those changes when the new neighbor moves in. Who'd have thought so many things could change with one new person on the block?

Rose is a single mom, a teacher, a friend. Her ex abandoned her and their two children. He left them nearly homeless and broke. Why should she ever trust another man again? Him leaving opened her eyes to the darkness that had crept into her life, casting light on what she had been blind too. The actions and words he excused away. He wasn't the first man to leave her. Her brother did, her father did, now her husband.

Ryan is divorced and freshly retired from the SEALS. He moves to his sister's town in order to get a fresh start, a new chance. He finds more than what he bargained for. He finds the woman he met once. The one who made him want to help people in the long run. He never expected to see her again, he never expected to once again find her half unconscious in a recently smashed car. He never expected to find her a few houses down from him, or that she would be friends with his sister. Or that his best friend was the brother who abandoned them years ago. Everywhere he turned, they were connected somehow. Was all this coincidence or fate?

Maybe Walt Disney had it right. It was a small world afterall.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798215560433
Publisher: Tj Lee
Publication Date: December 4th, 2022
Pages: 278
Language: English