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Arabic Poetry Phrases (Paperback)

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Arabic poetry phrases by Dr. Moham. Y Raheem is a surgeon physician and Poet with huge experience in poetry field include writing and critic, Dr. Raheem has wonderful integrated language and fantastic imaginations to create new high-quality expression phrases with harmonic rhymes, Dr Raheem had grew up and worked in a private library in famous Al-mutanaby street in Baghdad since age of 4 years and continue poetry education side by side with medical science study. in summary his poetic language is simple wonderful creative one, he uses the approach of creating poem by means of art draw by homogenizing poetry words on a colorful back ground of imagination . Dr Raheem has 12 poetry books in createspace.com and one scientific book known as Memory Secrets Dr. Raheem has a paradise and treasure of colorful poetry imaginations kindly need people to share his poetry experience, Dr. Raheem lives in Boise city / Idaho state /USA since 2009 in Idaho state Boise and has graduated from Idaho state university as a Medical lab scientist.
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ISBN: 9781981996360
ISBN-10: 1981996362
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 24th, 2017
Pages: 42
Language: Arabic