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Wilderwood (Paperback)

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Wilderwood is a haven for those who have been cast out of "proper" society: academics, artists, the eccentrics and undesirous. It is also home to other kind and having weres, mages, and even an ancient griffin living amongst mortals just isn't done. Except in Wilderwood. Octavia Wilder cares for those who live in the town her ancestor built and when a feral vampire threatens the peace, she partners with the Ranger who has brought word of the threat. Ranger Roderick Arman hunts Corbin Luther, the feral vampire who killed his partner two years ago. When Luther's trail leads him to the odd little town of Wilderwood, he quickly realizes there's more to the town - and his hunt - than expected. Ranger Bellemy Eislen disappeared two years ago when what was to be a quick trip to the Faelands on behalf of the Rangers went entirely wrong. Trapped in another realm, they tirelessly sought a way back to their world. And to Wilderwood and Octavia. The three of them must fight to save Wilderwood from an invasion from another realm and protect the town from the Faelands Queen.

"Starling's novel...will shatter readers' expectations with its bewitching complexities... her] characters are provocative and engaging. Bellemy Eislen is equal parts intriguing and vulnerable, while Octavia Wilder easily fills the role of a well-defended, tenacious heroine." - The BookLife Prize
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ISBN: 9781737323419
ISBN-10: 1737323419
Publisher: Halli Starling Books
Publication Date: August 1st, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English