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Before the End: The Adventures of One-Eyed Willie and His Friends (Paperback)

Before the End: The Adventures of One-Eyed Willie and His Friends Cover Image
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One-Eyed Willie is back Only this time, he returns as a living, breathing, young teen who teams up with his sixteenth-century pals on an amazing adventure on the high seas. Willie and his friends, Thumbs, Tolliver and Twig, find themselves unwitting passengers on a pirate ship and ultimately on a quest to find Magellan's body - and the magnificent treasure rumored to be buried with him.

Accompany these young buccaneers in their daring exploits as they encounter man-eating creatures, malevolent ghostly specters, fierce pirates, and a diabolical island chief bent on their destruction. Follow their funny mishaps and challenges as they make their way through a long, treacherous sea voyage and come to grips with adversity with the aid of Maia, an exceedingly clever island girl.

Before the End will challenge the notion that One-Eyed Willie was the ruthless pirate he was once made out to be - but rather, paint a picture of a young boy finding courage, honor and virtue on his journey toward manhood.

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ISBN: 9781647194895
ISBN-10: 164719489X
Publisher: Booklocker.com
Publication Date: April 30th, 2021
Pages: 238
Language: English