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Stone Wall Freedom: The Pirate By David Lee Tucker Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781936198283
Published: Two Harbors Press - October 1st, 2010

Stone Wall Freedom

Written by: David Lee Tucker

This book includes an interesting preface discussing the legend of our island stone walls. This is a fictional account of pirate lore in the waters of the Atlantic, eventually bringing those pirates to Block Island. Lots of adventure on the high seas is included.

Publication date: 2010

Pages: 176

The Islander: A Fictional Story Inspired by the Beauty a ND Hist Ory of Block Island, RI (Stone Wall Freedom #2) By David Lee Tucker Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781936401888
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Two Harbors Press - August 2nd, 2011

Stone Wall Freedom: The Islander
Written by: David Lee Tucker

Sea captain Alexander Hawkins has returned to his Block Island (RI) home after an extended voyage, and little has gone well in his absence. The family farm is struggling and his sweetheart greets him with cool contempt. In addition, the political atmosphere in the spring of 1776 is charged, as the American colonies scramble against the British.

Many Sons of Liberty insist that freedom from British rule means freedom for all men, black and white. Yet many patriots wonder about losing their profits without slaves. Who will survive and what will it take to rekindle Alexander's passion to continue the fight for slave freedom?

"Stone Wall Freedom--The Islander," the second book in Tucker's trilogy, picks up the threads of the original story and weaves a new one all its own. Drawn from the Block Island landscape, this historical fiction was written "as a tribute to the microcosm of the struggle for freedom that the men and women, both free and slave, faced on this blessed little land."

Publication date: 2011
Pages: 238

Stone Wall Freedom: The Slave: A Fictional Story Inspired by the Beauty and History of Block Island, RI By David Lee Tucker Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781938690075
Published: Two Harbors Press - April 1st, 2013

Stone Wall Freedom: The Slave
Written by: David Tucker

David Tucker's final installment of Stone Wall Freedom: The Slave will certainly tie all the loose ends together for an unforgettable conclusion in the Stone Wall Freedom Series.

Publication date: 2012
Pages: 276


The Weather House
Written by: Gary Eddy

This book takes place on Block Island during World War 1. True Block Islanders will reconize people and names from their past. A mystery revolving around the Weather Bureau and their Morse Codes transmissions being intercepted by U-boats in the area. Two little girls, who almost drowned in a double-ender, help solve the mystery about 3 unknown men who arrive on the island. Makes for an interesting reading because the author uses lots of local history and events.

Publication date: 2012
Pages: 305

SKU: bermuda-high

Bermuda High
Written by: Cameron Bortz

Clyde Mulgerhof wants nothing more than to live quietly on his old fishing boat at his dock in Bell Island harbor, digging clams and drinking to forget. But when his boat sinks, Clyde's life is thrown into turmoil. Finding himself homeless and broke - again Clyde sets a wavering course to pull himself together. (you will quickly notice that this book is written about Block Island, right down to the people in the story).

Publication date: 2011
Price: $21.00
Pages: 370


Hidden: Block Island Mystery
By: Karen E. Olsen

Nicole Jones has lived on Block Island for 15 years hiding out. She is running from the law, she was embroiled in a worldwide computer hacking scandal. Soon someone emerges from her past, she is now in danger and exposed. Nicole quickly must give up the idyllic life that she has carved out for herself. Will her many island friends find out about her notorious past?

Published: 2015
Price: $17.95
Pages: 224

SKU: Scribbler

Block Island Ferry Scribbler
By: Joe Houlihan

More essays presented by that thought provoking, humorous, local legend at the Pt.Judith Ferry Dock, Joe Houlihan. Joe was a former English teacher and quite a character. Have fun with this one!

Pages: 88
Published: 2016
Price $19.95