Politics and Pasta (Paperback)

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An election is a war and "to the victor belongs the spoils." As I learned so well, that's the real democratic process. After all, you'll never see a victorious politician tell his supporters, "I want to thank all of you who worked so hard for my election. However, in the interest of good government, I've decided to give all the jobs to those people who voted against me."
My name is Buddy Cianci. I spent almost three decades as mayor of Providence...before leaving for an enforced vacation in a federally funded gated community.
When I first took office, Providence was a dying industrial city, and I helped turn it into one of the most desirable places to live in America. I did it by playing the game of hardball politics as well as it has ever been played. My favorite Frank Sinatra lyric is "I did it my way," because that's the only way a mayor can run a city. As I used to tell my staff, "When you spend your weekends kissing elderly women with mustaches, you can make the decisions."
If you want to know the truth about how politics is played, you picked the right book. This is the behind-the-locked-door story of how politics in America "really" works. It's take me a lifetime of successes and failures to write it. It's all in these pages. I have been called many things in my career: I've been "America's Most Innovative Mayor," a "colorful character," and a convicted felon. But no one has ever called me shy.

About the Author

Barry Fisher is Crime Laboratory Director for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and has worked in various sections within the lab since starting in 1969. He is a distinguished fellow and past president of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and served as president of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) and the International Association of Forensic Sciences. He is a past chair of the ASCLD Laboratory Accreditation Board. He is a member of several other organizations, including the International Association for Identification, International Association of Chiefs of Police, the California Association of Criminalists, and others. He holds a BS in chemistry from City College of New York, an MS in organic chemistry from Purdue University, and an MBA from California State University, Northridge. He is author of the popular textbook, "Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, " now in its 7th edition, published by CRC Press.

David Fisher is a Criminalist, Level III in the Department of Forensic Biology at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner in New York City. He is a Diplomate in the American Board of Criminalistics and is a member of the Northeastern Association of Forensic Sciences. David was recently deployed to the Gulf region with the Disaster Mortuary Operation Response Team (DMORT), which is part of the National Disaster Medical System under FEMA to aid in the identification of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He holds a BS in biochemistry and cell biology from the University of California, San Diego and is currently finishing his MS degree in forensic science at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York.

Jason Kolowski is a Criminalist, Level III in the mitochondrial DNA laboratory within the Department of Forensic Biology at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner in New York City. He is also a Diplomate in the American Board of Criminalistics, and a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists. Jason is a member of the DMORT Region II team under FEMA. Jason attended Cornell College where he earned a dual BA degree in biochemistry/molecular biology and philosophy. Jason earned his master's degree in forensic science in 2003 from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, at the City University of New York.

Praise For…

A Providence Journal Bestseller

"Look up controversial in the dictionary and Buddy Cianci's picture will be there. As he is happy to tell you, he never backed down from a fight or a challenge while rebuilding a great city, and he'll make you laugh while doing it." --Sean Hannity

"It's pure Buddy. Beguiling, hilarious, with an excuse -- and a joke -- for everything, Cianci shows why he's one of the most storied figures in modern urban politics. ... It delivers all those things, plus a guided tour of a fascinating political mind." --Politico

"Politics and Pasta is a compulsively readable — if not entirely candid — insider's account of city politics by one of the most colorful and longest-serving mayors in memory. And it's written by, as Cianci puts it, perhaps the only person who has ever been inside the White House, Windsor Castle and the federal penitentiary at Fort Dix in New Jersey." --The Associated Press

"Cianci tells the fascinating story of his rise to power and the profound transformation that Providence underwent under his command.... As colorful on the page as he is in person, Cianci is a natural storyteller with a lot to say." --Kirkus Reviews

"A relentless charmer.... A shrewd intelligence shines through; it's easy to understand why he kept getting re-elected. Cianci readily admits to the role luck and money played in his success, and even admits to some major mistakes. More subtly, the former mayor reveals the intricacies of the horse-trading that makes politics go." --Publishers Weekly

"It's an incredible read. I honestly couldn't put it down. Parts of his life read like a movie. You will be amazed at how honest Cianci is at points, and you'll laugh out loud at other points. The guy is candid. He's funny. What else can I say? He's Buddy."--South Coast Today

"Cianci is a character, a one-of-kind, bigger than life politican the likes of which I have never met before. I find it difficult to even think of anyone I could come close to comparing him to -- he's that unique." --Norwich Bulletin

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