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Book Notes from Susan

March -- Thinking about Spring!

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We've had some great readers' picks come in. For kids, our young friend Barrett recommends Lego Star Wars: Chronices of the Force because it's one of his favorite movies. Ella, another young visitor to the bookstore recommeds Magic Tree House-Titanic. She says it's a realy history book and that's why she likes it. Beckett (six years old) loves The Tiny Seed because he "likes how the seed is the only one left" and Shark vs. Train because "It's funny when the train has to go under water."

Kathy Lang has given us two recommendations: On the Night You Were Born, which she says is the perfect book for new parents -- lovingly written and beautifully illustrated. She calls it a delightful celebration for a new baby. Also on her list is The Elephany Company by Vicki Constantine Croke. "This is the fascinating story of WWII veteran James Williams who takes a job in Burma working with elephants. I was taken with Williams' integrity and compassion as he communicated with these enormous creatures during WWII. What bravery as well."

Jiff Blansfield is a fan of Louise Erdrich, especially her new book La Rose. "Louise Erdrich relays through her captivating and finely written novels insight into the experience of contemporary Native Americans.  By showing the places where modern and traditional ways overlap and the earthly and supernatural coexist, she offers the reader a unique vantage point. Her intriguing characters form a network within and between her novels illustrating the ways in which old rivalries, affairs of the heart, personal burdens and racism can create a particular here and now, all while spirit inserts itself into the world of flesh and blood.  Louise Erdrich's books are as entertaining as they are insightful."

As you're thinking about summer with visiting children and grandchildren, don't forget that we can order summer reading lists.

Our new slogan is "Read outside your box." Try something new in March -- a new genre -- a new author -- we'll be happy to help you find the perfect book!

Susan Bush & Laura Parsons